About me

To my dear followers,
I am so glad you are reading this right now. My life is a real journey and I want to share a big part as it is possible. You are welcomed to stay with me on this journey. I am going to write beautiful stories, trustworthy reviews and everything that grabs my attention. Unfortunately, we can’t share every piece of information daily but I promise to do it as often as I can.

I am happily married with one fabulous son who is 10 years old. As you can expect I am interested in education and different school methods. My husband is a doctor so you will see a lot of posts about different kind of surgeries and health methods.Although I am not a plastic surgeon, I have a pretty good idea which surgery what purpose has. There are a lot of people who are misled in their belief which surgery is best for their concerns. I am going to write brief reviews of different procedures because everyone deserves a right to receive credible information. Of course, If you need a professional advice you should book an appointment with a specialist instead of just reading articles online. However, I promise you that we are going to reveal some mysteries together.  Thank you for reading my experience!