The best water filters for your kitchen

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Water is not as pure as we think. There are millions of bacteria that live in clean water, and we drink it. This is completely normal and it is healthy for our bodies. On the other hand, there are few bacteria that should be eliminated before we drink that water and this is accomplished thanks to some filters. As you may know, every country has a filtration system and use it to distribute water among the citizens through pipes.

What contaminants are removed from the water?

In our drinking water shouldn’t have radioactive substances like Uranium and Radon. Unhealthy bacteria and viruses are another things that should be removed from drinking water. Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fuels are one of these things that shouldn’t be in the water, too. The last things that are removed are toxic metals, like Chromium, Copper, Cadmium, Aluminium and Chloramines, Chlorine, Fluoride.

That’s why different water filters are so used because water needs filtration. The best water filters should clean water from every unhealthy particle and make it alkaline, according to Triple Lifestyle. Let’s dig deeper into different water filters.

Pitcher Filters

One of the most expensive filters is pitcher ones. They use granulated activated carbon which is made from coconut husks. Coconut was heated and then granulated without air, so the material is sustainable. However, this filter can’t remove pesticides, VOCs, metals, or fluoride.

Faucet Filters

Faucet Filters are these filters that are positioned in every kitchen sink. They can stop some particles but not all of them. If we have to categorize them, they are just little better than pitcher filters.

Gravity-Fed Filter

This type is one of the best filters. They can stop fluoride, chlorine, particulates, chlorination by-products, VOCs, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. The best filter systems are those who can filter the water slowly. Gravity filter can do that easily. They are all over the stores and you can customize them whatever you want. The filtration process is simple. The water is poured into one chamber and then leak slowly in the lower one. There is no need to use electricity.



Reverse Osmosis Filters

It sounds really complex filter name but actually, it is not. The filter is made by a membrane which stops contaminants. This filter is not very beautiful and usually, people install it under the sink. In addition, most people combine it with Granulated Activated Charcoal filter, which can remove chlorine easily. The downside of this filter is that you can lose some water while filtering it and some healthy minerals, too. They will remove calcium and magnesium from water, too. Unfortunately, this filter needs regular replacement so you should pay it attention.

The best water filtration system in Singapore

There are one certain type filter systems that are installed under the sink. This is a great advantage because they shouldn’t disturb the kitchen interior design. Concealed Water Filtration System of Triple Lifestyle not only will filter the water but it will make it alkaline. Hidden under the sink, this system will filter water on 4 levels. It will remove bacteria, dirt, and viruses and will make the cleanest alkaline water in Singapore. This will make your life easier because you won’t need a water purifier and your water will be purified. This is a win-win situation.

Water filtration is important because we can drink only clean water otherwise our body becomes sick. That’s why we need clean and pure water daily and this is not negotiable. Drinking pure water means that we will live healthy and long life.