dyed hair

Table of Contents Are you feeling the punky hair trend?What You’ll Need to Dye Your Hair:Make Your Own Hair Dye Mixture:Dye Your Hair: Are you feeling the punky hair trend? This tutorial will teach you how to make your own hair colour dye using stuff you might already have at home! And it’s not as messy as you might think. What You’ll Need to Dye Your Hair: Food Coloring (or Kool-Aid) Clear Aloe Vera gel (if you don’t have aloe, any clear hair gel will probably work just as well) A small jar or cup A paintbrush or chopstick for mixing Gloves An old t-shirt or smockRead More →

water life

Water is not as pure as we think. There are millions of bacteria that live in clean water, and we drink it. This is completely normal and it is healthy for our bodies. On the other hand, there are few bacteria that should be eliminated before we drink that water and this is accomplished thanks to some filters. As you may know, every country has a filtration system and use it to distribute water among the citizens through pipes. What contaminants are removed from the water? In our drinking water shouldn’t have radioactive substances like Uranium and Radon. Unhealthy bacteria and viruses are another thingsRead More →