How To Find The Best Skin Clinic In Singapore

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It may be hard to admit, but appearance plays a vital role in leaving a good impression to others, not to mention how much this affects our confidence. Although it’s our responsibility to take care of our skin, sometimes we need professional help in managing it.

Selecting the appropriate body and skin treatment clinic may often be tough with today’s high market competition and almost identical promotions. As many aesthetic treatments are available now, many initial factors are also to be carefully taken into consideration in choosing the right skincare provider. Here are a few points to get you started on your journey.

Know The Types of Skin Care Clinics in Singapore

Keep in mind that like general medicine, there are also some types of skin doctors. The one you go to would depend on what kind of symptoms or abnormalities you want to solve. If you have concerns regarding skin rashes, acne, moles, warts, or even thinning hair – a general dermatologist is who you need. A cosmetic dermatologist like Dr David who works at one of the more reputable skin clinics in Singapore, One Face Clinic, on the other hand, takes care of your peeling, injection, laser, anti-ageing treatment and prescriptions needs, as well as treatment for deeply-etched wrinkles, scars, or brown spots. Whichever clinic or physician you decide to visit, make sure that before you go there they are licensed and accredited by the Singapore Medical Council for Medical Aesthetics Procedures.


Woman getting IPL and laser treatment by beautician at beauty clinic

The kinds of services you use will decide the results you get. You may want to do online research or get family and friend’s recommendation to make sure you’re going to a credible skin clinic. Finding out if they are furnished with the modern, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced technology treatment should be on top of your list. Clinics that care about their patients won’t trade your safety by using old machines. So always check!


Keep in mind that quality skin care treatments aren’t cheap. And anything with exceptional service could even cost a king’s ransom. So when planning a skincare procedure, be sure of your financial willingness. How far would you go to get the skin that you want? Do not compromise on getting an extremely cheap procedure. It may just worsen your condition then you would have to end up paying more than the initial quotation.

On the other hand, ensure reasonable pricing of the products or services you avail and be on the lookout for extra or hidden charges. Browse the internet and ask for online recommendations in some communities. Schedule an appointment first to discuss the pricing too.

Free Initial Consultation

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Yes, you read that right. Some highly-credited skin clinics offer free initial consultations. They will generously educate and walk you through their services and the options available for you and your requirements before having to spend money on anything. This way, you could keep your options open.

Pro tip: Schedule your first appointment on a Monday or Tuesday as these are usually the busiest days of the week. Take advantage of the full waiting room and start a conversation with other patients. You might be surprised by how much information you can get from them.


Hear, hear! When it comes to skincare clinics in Singapore, the market has a wide array of choices. These places, though, vary in capabilities and competencies. Others may offer state-of-the-art facilities while others do not. The choice is always easy, however. Always settle for the ones with outstanding track records. Look them up in websites that show first-hand clients’ rankings and reviews. Read other clients honest testimonials and unbiased feedbacks to put your mind at ease before starting any procedures yourself. This way, you can be certain of the clinic’s background, their specialists, and staffs’ ability to take care of your needs fully.


Online browsing is one of the most effective ways to search for a dependable skin care clinic. Almost all reputable beauty therapists know that most consumers prefer to do online research before deciding on choosing a clinic. Always check out these websites to look through their services, products, and equipment before scheduling an appointment. Also, this is where you can find every practitioner’s background and training. In Singapore, only dermatologists certified by the Ministry of Health are recognized as such, so you should look for this information too.


Follow-up sessions are common for most body and skin treatments, so you have to consider this point as well wisely. Choose a clinic that’s readily accessible location-wise, to save time and for you to strictly follow your treatment regime. It is quite easy to make an excuse of how far the clinic is from your house or workplace to completely avoid going so find the one nearest to you.

You can find the best skin clinic in Singapore by considering these factors. The city is full of these places. You have to know what and where to look. If you’re in need of a great place to start, I recommend you start your research by looking into One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic, their info is below.

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